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Church History

Good Samaritan Episcopal Church was organized in September 1965. The first worship service was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gordan Gailey and led by Fr. Vernon Gotcher, priest-in-charge for the mission congregation. The ground-breaking for the present church building was held on ‘Good Samaritan Sunday,’ August 20, 1967. At this time, Fr. Albert Bandy was appointed Vicar.

In 1972, Fr. Stephen Smith became Vicar and began moving the congregation toward a ‘high church’ worship style, introducing a tabernacle, sanctuary lamp and incense. Good Samaritan grew and flourished during this time. Fr. Smith served until 1980, which is also the year that the parish hall burned down. It was quickly rebuilt, with much labor and materials being provided by the members of the congregation.


In 1982, Fr. Hobson Tune became part-time Vicar. Under his leadership the church grew. Many improvements were made to the property, including the redecoration of the nave with the installation of a magnificent reredos and new altar. The reredos is carved oak of Gothic design, unique in the Diocese of Dallas. Bishop Robert Terwilliger consecrated the church and additions on New Year’s Day 1984. 


In1986 Fr. Martin Goller became Vicar, serving until 1995. Under Fr. Goller’s steady leadership, and the ministry of his wife Gwenyth, the church enjoyed a period of renewal. A major renovation of the property, including the reorientation of the church as we know it today and the addition of church offices was undertaken and completed.


Good Samaritan’s story is one of periods of long, stable pastorates interspersed with periods of great transition. During the long periods of stable leadership the church has flourished. During periods of change and turnover, the church has 

worked hard to maintain its sense of mission and self. One historian of the church described the people of Good Samaritan as "tenacious."

Throughout her almost 50 year history, what has remained constant is the commitment of the members of Good Samaritan to being this particular people of God, planted in this place, worshipping our faithful God, and striving to discern how he is calling us to be a part of his redemptive work in the world. We invite you to enter the story of Good Samaritan Episcopal Church!

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